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Success Buddies

Growing our Global Network

These are exciting times at Apprentice Worldwide. We have increased engagement by adding new support staff, have created new online tools to help Team Members take advantage of our global resources, continue to expand our learning and networking opportunities for all to benefit, and more importantly continue to expand our Global Network “One Leader at a Time”.

Supporting our Young Leaders

Joining as a new Team Member is very exciting. However, with so many new resources available it can be a little over overwhelming. Global Mentors play a critical role in shaping an Apprentice / Associate during years to come, but they may be a little intimidating as they may seem unapproachable due a large age difference with College Students and Recent graduates. To close the generational “gap” and provide the much needed support in the initial stages as a Team Member, a broader team effort is needed to ensure their experience is both positive and productive.

Everyone Needs a “Buddy”

Over the last months, we have been working to improve our onboarding process and have decided to launch our Success Buddies Program a “buddy system” to help Team Members better navigate our Network and take advantage of the Resources available.

Success Buddies are “connectors” willing to lend a helping hand as new Team Members become acquainted with our organization.

Success Buddies: Bridging Generations. Signaling Success.

Our Success Buddies will play an important role in ensuring a successful onboarding experience. We found that onboarding buddies help our Members in two key ways:

  • Success Buddies provide context. For experienced Team Members, the context surrounding their activities has been so well established that it’s in the folds of every email written, every meeting attended, and every networking opportunity. For new Team Members context is a precious commodity. Without it, a new hire will likely struggle to fully understand all the Resources, their role or how to contribute to their team’s success.
  • Being a Success Buddy is mutually beneficial. It’s not just the new Team Member who can benefit from this relationship. Serving as an Success Buddy provides an opportunity to demonstrate and develop managerial and leadership skills. Communication and support are also components for a successful buddy relationship. Additionally, teaching others can strengthen one’s own knowledge base, enabling buddies to develop a deeper level of expertise.

We want everyone to have a positive and productive experience at Apprentice Worldwide and look forward to much Success from our Team Members from years to come. Success Buddies will be an integral part of our initiatives moving forward.

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