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Program Requirements for Sponsors

To Become a Global Mentor and Supporter

  • Recognized as a Top Executive and with successful track record in their industry of choice.
  • Willing to be a Role Model to Apprentices looking to improve their Career Choices.
  • Willing to initiate communication with the Apprentices as needed to motivate and coach them.
  • Willing to promote the benefits of belonging to the Apprentice Worldwide Network.
  • Willing to communicate with Apprentices about your professional experiences. Our purpose is to encourage and motivate the Apprentices to work hard and successfully find fulfilling careers.
  • Participate electronically or physically in events throughout the calendar year.
  • Represent the Apprentice Network in a professional manner while respecting the privacy of the Apprentices.

***Advisory Board will approve all Volunteers

Below a list of some of our long-time Volunteers. For the most current Global Mentors list by visiting:



Featured Mentors – Master list