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Social Impact: Fulfilling Our Mission and Vision

Social Impact: At the CORE of what we do.

Being a Young Adult is one of the hardest times in a person’s life and not having the right support system can bring dramatic consequences that can take people on a downward spiral even after successfully graduating college.

Unfortunately, finding the right Mentors is difficult as young adults rarely engage more experienced adults in their fields of interest since they are not part of their social circles and are usually far removed from their work activities. Parents can provide guidance but it is not always considered nor available.

But, how do we solve this predicament?

Mental Health aspects of Young Adult Life

Before we dive into the “how we solve this” let us understand some of the challenges young adults face during college and in their first years as working professionals.

Here is some of the research we found (click to view slides):

In addition, here are some of the effects of the Pandemic on Young Adults (click to view):

How can we Impact Young adults?

We use proven fundamentals brought to us from years of research and experience dealing with Young Adults. Here are some basic concepts we can never forget and come from a heart of “service”:

  • We understand them
  • We listen to them
  • We care for them
  • We teach them
  • We inspire them

Here is a presentation we use to highlight these points prepared by Hernan Mayol, our Founder and Chief Volunteer which has led Youth Organizations and participated in Youth-Mentoring Programs for more than 20 years. See: PRESENTATION

How does Apprentice Worldwide help?

Apprentice Worldwide has been a Social Impact organization since its inception. Our Mission has always been to Empower the Next Generation to succeed in Business, but most importantly…in LIFE!

Our Associates are building numerous skills-sets with our resources; both soft and technical skills that allow them to be better prepared and rise in their organizations. They are finding jobs, getting promoted, making an impact in their organizations and starting / building businesses.

Our Vision to develop Exemplary, Successful, Service-Oriented and Confident Men and Women is materializing. Many Executive Team Members that started with us are now leading organizations all over the world and coming back to serve in our Communities.

Our Supportive Mentoring Communities and Volunteers from around the world provide the necessary Network and Resources to fulfill our Mission and Vision. We are blessed and forever grateful for their continuous contributions.

Learn more about what we do to create lasting impact throughout our website.