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Non-Profit Designation (2021)

Apprentice Worldwide now operates under the auspices of Pledges, Inc, a 501c3 public benefit corporation based out of Delaware. EIN Number 36-4963438. Pledges provides nonprofits with fiscal sponsorship, which allows them to operate within their network. To learn more, please visit www.pledges.com.

We appreciate any donation via our page: pledges.com/apprentice-worldwide

Your contributions will allow us to continue to fund our Educational Programs, Seminars and our Scholarship Fund for Internships and Educational Grants to support Emerging Leaders in their final steps towards career fulfillment.

New Initiatives include:

Supporting Parents and Mentors by giving them the tools to help their teens and young adults in transition are periods. See post: https://bit.ly/2VENBsb

College Support Groups: Providing help through Alumni in our Network via College Task Forces.

Thank you for your continued support.

About Pledges