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Founded in 2014 by Nate Nuñez, who helped our Founder bring together Students from the University of Miami to get to know Executives from numerous industries.


  • Workplace Horror Stories – October 30th, 2019 – 2332 Galiano – 2nd Floor, Coral Gables, FL
  • November – Learn How to Hire, Train, Market to, and Support Millennials – November 2019
  • December – Holiday Party / Virtual 5K


Check them out here: https://rolls.bublup.com/apprenticeworldwide/miami


Alejandro Enriquez, Associate
Alessandro Battellino, Associate
Alexandra Garcia, Associate
Andrea Beilmann, Associate
Arturo Vidal, Associate
Camila Brito, Associate
Carlos Ortiz, Associate
Cristina Castro, Associate
Daniel Lazo, Associate
Daniela Velasco Associate
Dianelis Lazo, Associate
Edelmira Cano, Associate
Elena Nezhivleva, Associate
Elissa Martinez, Associate
Gabriela Reichert, Associate
Gemma Salo, Associate
Gloria Sol, Senior Associate
Harry Foard Associate
Isabelle Martinez, Senior Associate
Jose de Castro, Associate
Klevi Bejo Associate
Monica Battellino, Associate
Monica Barraza Associate
Pastor Fuster Associate
Paula Elena Vasco Associate
Roberto Tamayo Associate
Rodrigo Gil Kessler Associate
Ryan Pollowitz Associate
Shawn Kang Associate
Susell Michel Associate
Valentina Valdez Valdez Associate
Veneisy Andrade Associate
Ydalmis Carrasco Associate
Yiqiong Liang Associate
Andres Rodriguez Associate – Senior
Aruzhan Kanat Associate – Senior
Claudia Pastora Associate – Senior
Ludmylla Freire Associate – Senior
Malbelys Gonzalez Associate – Senior
Alex Masferrer Masferrer Global Mentor
Andreina Pradas Global Mentor
Astrid Escobar Global Mentor
Astrid Escobar Global Mentor
Beatriz BUENDIA Global Mentor
Carrie Moore Global Mentor
Chris Príncipe Global Mentor
Ed Lyden Global Mentor
Guillermo Benites Global Mentor
Guillermo Roca Global Mentor
Hernan Mayol Global Mentor
Humberto Humaran Global Mentor
Ignacio Riveira Global Mentor
Javier Lopez Global Mentor
John Rodriguez Global Mentor
Juan Lahens Lahens Global Mentor
Larry Gandt Global Mentor
Lisa Dorment Global Mentor
Luis Segura Global Mentor
Mandy Pulles Global Mentor
Manny Pravia Global Mentor
Manuel Mejia Global Mentor
Melissa Medina Global Mentor
Michael Edwards Global Mentor
Michelle Bryan Global Mentor
Monica Onisick Global Mentor
Nancy Arroyo Global Mentor
Natalia Vesga Global Mentor
Othman Gamero Global Mentor
Patricia Hernandez Global Mentor
Richard Lopez, Global Mentor
Robert Barthelmess, Global Mentor
Rodrigo Rivera, Global Mentor
Sebastian Baeza, Global Mentor
Shalako Wiener, Global Mentor
Stephanie Scotto Scotto, Global Mentor
Alexandre Hernandes, Senior Associate