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Mentoring Services

Mentoring Services

Hundreds of Global Mentors (see: http://apprenticeworldwide.com/global-mentors for info) have pledged to serve whenever possible to answer questions and give advice to our Team Members.

To access them you can either reach out directly via or use our Booking Tool 24/7 and our Mentoring Services Team will ensure we get the right person within the time Slot.

Book at: http://apprenticeworldwide.com/request

These are the Categories of our Mentoring Services:

Quick Question (15m Request)

This is a request to speak to CEO or Regional Executive or Staff Member and be able to get feedback about an important decision.

◦ Industry Specific Advice (30m Request)

For those that have questions on a particular industry and tips on how to suceed. Network with people in your Industry.

Interview Preparation / Questions (30m Request)

Got a Job Interview and need help to prepare? Need feedback on your Resume? Need ideas of how and where to apply for a Job? Our Coaches and long time Global Mentors will help you eliminate stress and prepare for the job market.

General Career Advice (30m Request)

Need broader Career Advice from local Global Mentors? This will give time to answer any broader question about a future project.

Business Ownership Consultation

This is for those looking Start or enhance a Small Business or Side Hustle with successful entrepreneurs.

Coaching Overview (1 Hour)

Need some Career Coaching to help Execute NEXT LEVEL career or business possibilities. Look no further. Our Coaching Team will spend time to develop alternatives.