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Global Industry Groups (Committees)

Global Industry Groups are exclusively for our Team Members and provide a no-pressure environment to learn from and network with like-minded peers in your community. There are 10 plus different GIGs, each meeting several times per year. Join one or more to maximize your learning and networking potential.

Associates will Lead GIGs through an Executive Committee (Co-Chair and Steering Committee) and report to CEO to ensure compliance with overall objectives (Expansion, Education, Engagement) and scheduling priorities. Global Mentors can participate as needed and will act as Advisors and Speakers and can be resources to GIGs.

Here are the main activities of the Teams:

  • Events – Create 2-3 programs to learn and interact with people in the Industry. 
  • Best Practices –  Share articles, information and intelligence regarding relevant topics.
  • Engage and Recruit – Interact with Community and identify potential New Members (Mentors and Associates). 
  • Advice the Overall Organization in matters related to your areas of Expertise. 

Resources will be provided by the staff include Social Media Promotion, Video Conferencing Tools, Emailing, Workplace and other Admin support as needed. 

KPIs will need to be managed and reported. Flexibility and Creativity is Expected. 

Programs will start September and end in May to coincide with Universities schedules.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions via WhatsApp at 305-510-3064 or via email to hernan@apprenticeworldwide.com 


Committees starting in September*

  • Human Resources and Recruiting*
  • Wealth and Investment Management*
  • Innovation, Technology and Data Management
  • Fintech and Payment Services*
  • Banking and Insurance*
  • Supply Chain, Logistics, Operations and Project Management
  • Accounting and Corporate Finance
  • Marketing, Communications and PR*
  • Health Sciences and Human Services
  • Real Estate, Engineering and Construction
  • Entrepreneurship, Sales and Business Development
  • Legal, Governance and Public Policy
  • Entertainment and Arts
  • Sustainability, Social Impact, Community, and Social Services
  • Hospitality and Event Management


Check out the calendar of events for a complete listing of GIG meetings.