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2021 Global Internship Program Details

LAUNCH DATE – Tuesday, June 1st, 2021 – Meet our Global Interns

These Talented Emerging Leaders are went through an amazing journey, that sailed from the Virtual Port of Miami to destinations all over the world. These were:

Tanja Akbarpur (Germany), Charles Alvarez, Iliana Paula (Dominican Republic), Esperanza Autilio (Argentina), Muskaan Carg (Hong Kong), Ignacio Garcia (Costa Rica), Sebastian Cabanillas (Mexico), Genesis de Leon (Puerto Rico), Donnah Akinyi (Kenya).

Global Interns 2021 – TEAM ORANGE (Americas)

Onur Lukman (Turkey), Phalak Saifi (India), Sophia Order (Nigeria)

Check out our FUN itinerary and topics covered

Cruise Itinerary
Our 9-week Journey

These were our Master-Classes for Career Readiness given by our Team of Executives in 2021