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Coaching for Apprentice Team Members

Individual Coaching is a powerful tool to spur professional effectiveness. It allows anyone who wants to grow and develop themselves to do so by stepping back, so as to put things into perspective.

This helps the person to become aware of their patterns of behavior and how those patterns impact their relationship with themselves and with others. It is a time to pause in a space of trust, protected from external distractions. Each session aims to develop new skills and new attitudes, challenging our own world view to enrich the leader’s palette.

Our Coaching Team, made up of VOLUNTEERS of diverse nationalities, is a key resource for you and your business. We are able to train your employees in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Coaching allows our Team Member to interact with a “coach”, a “stimulator” of reflection, that makes it possible for them to reach that moment when they can have a global outlook, as well as a perspective of their thoughts and behaviors.

For Apprentice Worldwide, coaching is part of a logic of conscious transformation of Emerging and Senior Leaders and a natural progression beyond Mentoring and Advice provided by our Global Mentors.

Our collective experience allows us to offer an effective intervention style and help in an in-depth transformation for more effective and conscious leadership.

How to Access a Coach

Once the Staff determines that a Team Member is eligible for Coaching. (Active Team Member, Emotional Intelligence, Availability, Desire to Succeed) we will refer them to our Coaching Staff for consultation.

How does the Coaching Session Work

Each Coach will have a conversation with the Team Member after gathering information available (Questionnaire, Resume, LinkedIn, References). They will deliver a short term plan (next steps within towards goals within the next 12-18 months).

This plan will be shared with Member Services for future follow ups and feedback. This initial consultation is FREE OF CHARGE and required no further commitment with the Coach from the part of the Team Member. Additional

Programs that are not part of Apprentice Worldwide such as more frequent follow ups with the Coaches and additional programs offered may have additional charges from Coaches. Check directly with them for programs and availability.

Coaching Staff

Our Coaches have been part our program as volunteers for a long time and are Senior Executives with years of experience in the Real World and now focus in different coaching areas which fit multiple needs. Here is a list of our current Coaches:

  • Arnulfo Abrego
  • Carol Moxam
  • Carrie Moore
  • Chrissy Larsen
  • Dayana Cabeza
  • Gonzalo Hurtado
  • Hernan Mayol
  • Ivanna Lajara
  • Laura Paliz
  • Mariana Autilio
  • Marcia Viana
  • Mo Hasan
  • Paola Lombardi
  • Roberto Muñoz
  • Sebastian Baeza
  • Susan Cruzalegui
  • Yaqueline Erazo
  • Ydalmis Carrasco

You can get more info about them and credentials in our Webapp. Just type #Coach for their contact info.