APPRENTICE WORLDWIDE is a private network of business professionals founded in January 2014 by a group of Volunteers from Miami, Florida.

Students have found it difficult to gain the experience they need while jobs are looking for people with experience. To solve this roadblock we have decided to use find people willing to Mentor students while working directly with them work related projects. In addition, our Sponsors make themselves available to help give career advice through one-on-one interactions or group events. Our goal to give our Apprentices the edge by making them more marketable and helping them find the Career of their Dreams.

We are expanding in new cities every month. We currently have Sponsors in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Charlotte, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, London, Puerto Rico, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Panama and Spain. 

For ideas, career advice and to learn more about our plans and stay up to date check our Social Media links above or Contact Us.